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The Plan

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

3 dollar wine

From grocery outlet

Just to pass the time

Cause why not?

3 dollar wine









Fast food

Fast driving

Fast living


Lots of sinning


Lots of women


Dating apps

I hated dating apps


I loved women

Social media

Confirmation bias


The great intellectual hiatus



Constant scrolling

Consuming nothing new


As addicted to it

As much as the beer,

The weed,

The wine

As much as the nicotine

I argued

A lot

My point of view,

It was the right one.


So was theirs.

You couldn’t convince them

Just wasted words

Wasted time

On a wasted mind

Everyone was right

And everyone was wrong

Opinions were strong

Fear and hatred spread

I just took another hit again from the bong

The times were dark

But through the darkness

We tried to create art

We tried to move forward

To brighter days

They never came

We kept waiting

The news was a lie

And the people were getting high

Our lives on pause

What was the effect?

What was the cause?

The world was a mess.

Full of lies and death

Time stood still

And passed so quickly

People were ill

Some were ill in the body

And some were ill in the mind

We kept living

Just to pass the time

We had viruses

And riots

We had masks

Everyone looking out for their own ass

Divided by class

Taking a side

Taking a stand

Man vs man


It all seemed planned

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Jennie P.
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