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The Anomaly

Please don't fade away

Don't disappear

I want you to stay

Feeling you pull away

Is more painful than being pulled apart

I know that this thing in here is pretty small

This heart

Combined with this racing mind

They hunger for someone

That’ll invest some their time 

But everyone fades away, don't they?

No one seems to want to stay

And most days, that's okay

But not today

No, today I need you 

You're the anomaly

The rare one

The one that changes everything

You're different then those 

That faded away after a few days

'Touched by fire'

Even your earlobes are special

You read

And work hard

An independent anomaly

And all of the past 

Has brought us here


What will we do with it, I wonder?

My co worker goes on and on

Talking about something

But I can't hear him

Because in my mind

I am with you

I nod along with something he is saying

With blank eyes

I am actually watching you dance in the kitchen

As you make beef stew for me and you

A bottle of red wine on the counter and a glass in your hand

As you twirl around

Grabbing my hand and making me join you

We spill our wine

And that's just fine

When you have someone 

That makes you feel like this

A little spilled wine

Doesn't matter

Just you matter.

My stomach tosses and turns 

 Like a small boat in the middle of a raging sea

While I wait for you to reach out again

   But you don't

And the storm gets worse.

I've only known you for three days

And feelings aren't supposed to work this way

The same people that call me lazy

Will call me crazy

  For feeling this way already

As I am tossed out of my small boat by the storm

 I feel so heavy 

So heavy already

  And I barely know you . . .

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