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Stuck In A Loop Of Nostalgia

“Anarchy is always better in theory than in reality.”

“How do you know that?”

“It’s obvious. Just look at history.”

“But if recorded history is controlled by the state - which I think we can agree it is - then how can we trust what they say? Clearly they have a bias when it comes to anarchy? It would be against their self-interest to give an accurate report on a successful state of anarchy, wouldn’t it?”

“. . .”


“Anarchy is just nonsense. We need some system in place.”

“Maybe we DID, but are we so sure that we still do. The internet has made a lot possible, and it’s pretty much been an example of anarchy. Didn’t ebay show us that?”

“. . .”


“Ebay? . . . I suppose it might’ve shown us something . . .”

“We can fire our lawyer when we feel like they aren’t accurately representing us. But professor, we hardly ever fire our politicians when we feel like they aren’t representing us anymore. They just sit in their positions of power and do whatever they can to keep it.”

“Democracy is the best system any country has implemented. You can’t deny it.”

“Again, Professor, maybe it USED to be. But not anymore. So much has changed. We have to change too, right?”

“Listen Chester, I’m old enough to remember when things were better than they are now. We need to go back to those policies.”

“The world that those policies worked for doesn’t exist anymore. We can’t go back, Professor. We can only go forward and try to steer the ship a little bit.”

“You don’t know about the world yet. You can’t fix what you don’t know. Keep learning, kid.”

“Did you keep learning, Professor? Or are you stuck in a loop of nostalgia?”

“Get the fuck out of here. You little arrogant asshole. You don’t know shit. Get the fuck out.”

“Yes, sir. See you on Wednesday.”

“And Chester?!”

“Yes, sir?”

“Keep your anarchy bullshit to yourself around campus.”

“. . . Yes, sir.”


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