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I can’t keep my fucking mouth shut

These moral hypocrisies

The cultural influences

Religion and astrology

The madness of crowds


Free will


It pours out of me

And I hardly know what I am talking about

I’m just talking

Like life's problems are a puzzles to be solved

And I don’t have any answers

But I have all the questions to everything

You know what

Some people hate it when I talk

And I don’t blame them

No one likes being contradicted

No one wants to defend their beliefs

No one wants to admit they have delusions

Of course they don’t

It’s only human

I don’t blame them at all

And I try

Not to be such an ass-hole

I try

Not to talk about astrology

Or religion

On every fucking date I go on

But it comes out

And then I am on autopilot

And my tongue takes off

And soon

she’s crying in the bathroom

Next time

I’ll bite my tongue


And eat the words I want to say

I am at awe

With how much of a pretentious ass-hole I’ve become

The combination of being a self proclaimed writer

And a self proclaimed fighter

Has really turned me into a cocky sonofabitch

It should be so easy

To just be kind

And listen

And not express

An honest opinion

About anything


That’s easy



Turning into what you hate

Probably fueled by insecurities

And overcompensation

Is really

A pretty human thing

But it really stings

When you see it in yourself…

I hate how arrogant our american culture is

But look at me

Just the same.


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