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Somewhere In The Middle

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

“Are you unhappy?”

my roommate asks me.

“No,” I reply.

“You seem unhappy to me.”


I think I am more peaceful now.

And maybe,

more introverted…”

“Well okay.”

She said,

and walked away.

I thought to myself,

“Am I unhappy??”


I don’t think so.

I think I said it exactly right.

So why do I appear unhappy

to the people who know me?

Why the need to ask me such a question?

Was she worried about me?

It is true,

I hardly smile,

I hardly laugh,

I am still handsome,

(there’s no doubt about that. )


am I


I hate my job.

I miss a woman;

(hopefully I will stop the missing soon though.)

The current state of the world,

is enough to drive a person mad.

Even though,

I still don't feel


I still feel grateful for this life.

I still have hopes for myself,


for this world.

Maybe I am not happy…

But I am not unhappy,

and that is a big difference.

I’m somewhere in the middle,

and it’s really not that bad here.

I am happy with not being unhappy,

and okay with not being happy.

There is a flow to life.

There are waves we must ride.



those moments will come in waves,

but they’re only temporary moments,

passing us by.

Peace of mind,

comes from remembering this,

and with being okay,

with being somewhere in the middle.


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