Playing With Monsters

This is a sinking ship

Sailing on blue lips

It’s a lost cause

A pipe dream

But it’s always been hard for me

To give up easily

I’ve been known

To keep getting up

After taking a beating

But the same beatings are repeating

And the bruises last longer

As I get older

I am becoming reluctant

To jump into the storm

As I stand on the high dive of life

I get high


I nose dive

Into the ocean

As the storm rages

Where I hope to find her

Still swimming

Still willing to try

But my hopes are running dry

And some days

I don’t know why I still try

When all of this reality

Feels like a lie

Then I remember

She is the light in the maze

A soul left untamed

A blonde with confidence

With little patience for the bullshit

She won't just swim with the monsters in the abyss

She’ll become it

So I leap

And hope that I can still find her

Somewhere down there

Playing with the monsters


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