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Our Screwy World

‘This worlds a little screwy, innit?’

‘Yes, but it has always been that way. It’s no more screwier now than it was 50, 100, or 200 years ago.’

‘You sure about that?’

‘Pretty sure…’

‘Sometimes I look around, really take it all in, and you know what it makes me want to do?’

‘Fight to make it better?’

‘Hell no! It makes me want to take an early exit.’

He punched him in the face and kicked him in the balls. The other man rolled around on the ground, holding his crotch.

‘You’re a pussy, you know that? Taking an early exit? What the hell are you talking about? You fight with every ounce of strength in you to make the world a little better. You-’

‘-Shut the fuck up.’ He spat out blood and got to his feet.

‘You must be some special kind of asshole to think you can change the world.’

He brought his fist up to his chin and stared down his friend.

‘Oh, so you’ll fight me but you won’t fight to move this world an inch in a different direction?’

‘Fuck your inch.’ He marched forward with his hands up and his chin down.

‘I thought you’d rather die than fight? Well look at you now! Guess you just needed the right motivation. Fighting for humanity isn’t a good enough cause huh? Raging against the system is not worth the trouble–but fighting me is? You backwards mother fucker.’

He took a big swing at the man but missed by several inches.

‘You’re too slow, big guy.’ He bounced on his toes and waved him in.

‘Here, pretend I am the world and fight against me. Show me what you got, pussy.

He winked at his friend and waved him in.


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