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My Philosophy Of Randomness

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

I keep feeling like everything people believe in is wrong.

There is no fairness to life.

There never was.

There is just,


We have no control over when and where we were born.

We just get dealt with life.

Whatever we are born with,

we have to make the best of it.

But everyone suffers.

It’s inevitable.

Not everyone suffers equally

but that too,

is random.

I feel blessed to live when and where I do.

I truly do.

I could’ve easily been born a jew during the holocaust.

Or a North Korean in 2022.

But that is random.




we both suffer.

We both lie

We both manipulate

We both can be petty

We both can be abusive

The same capacity to cause another human suffering lies in both of us.

On the flip side of that though,

We can love

We can be kind

We can do good.

Comparing suffering is pointless.

Playing the victim,


If you live long enough

You’ll be victimized

You’ll suffer

And you’ll know...

It was never a fair game to begin with.

The starting points in life are not the same,



the ending points,

they are the same for all of us.

Six feet below ground .

And where you’re placed in this game of life,



To strive for fairness in life is like a young chubby boy trying to make his way back up a water slide that he had just slid down.

It makes no sense.

We cannot control the randomness.

A comet could hit our nice little poisoned planet.

An earthquake could take down your house.

You could get cancer.

You’re kids could die.

I could go on and on here

And you have hardly any power to prevent it.






Just because life is random, it absolutely does not make it meaningless.

There is meaning in every single moment of our existence.

Write that on my gravestone when I am six feet underneath this ground.


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