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Missing Pieces

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

There’s about 7.9 billion people alive on the planet right now,

but my thoughts gravitate towards just one.

Towards you.

Maybe attraction is the pulling of two people together?

Like two magnets;

two opposites being pulled together by some strange force.

I try to resist,

to fight the pull.


the more opposite we get,

the more I am pulled toward you.

I am the negative

And you’re the positive.

You’re the light

And I am the darkness.

You’re the music

And I am the silence.

You’re peace

And I am the chaos.

You’re the newly blossomed flower

And I am the ice.

You dance

when I am paralyzed.

You sing

when I am snoring.

You cry

when I am not there,

And you growl

when I am.

You cook

and I eat.

You dance

and I fight.

You read

and I write.

you travel

and I stay put.

you go on adventures

while I drink and make them up in my head.

You capture moments with a camera

and I paint them with words.

If my words could paint a perfect a moment,

I would paint you.

But I am not perfect,

Just the moment is.

And no matter what I say,

the words would fall short.

Eve emerged out of the ribs of Adam.

They were once one,

And then,


Maybe the force that pulls us,

is the desire to be one again?

Two people,

once separated,

being pulled to each other.

Two opposites.

Maybe we are one-half of the puzzle,

and it takes the pieces of another soul,

to create a whole picture?


maybe I am just a puzzle missing pieces?


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