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Mental Gymnastics On Our Constantly Moving Moral Goalpost

We have the least clear lens to look at our own psyche through

We can do ‘mental gymnastics’ to prove our point to ourselves

We’ll find the answers we are looking for

But only the answers that we accept as acceptable by our own standards

You are the problem

You are the variable that distorts the lens

You are the receiver and the omitter

But you cannot see you

You may not even know you

You may think you do

You may of told yourself stories about who you are

Probably making yourself the hero or the victim

Doing your ‘mental gymnastics’ however you need too

In order to make sure the story sheds a good light on you.

You purposely block out your malice

It’s unacceptable by your own standards

You purposely block out your own narcissism

And accuse the rest of the world of being narcissus.

You hope they drown in their own reflection.

But you can’t let yourself know that you hope this,

Your receiver doesn’t pick up the real truths about who you are

It is set to a different frequency

Unable to receive a negative true thought about who you are

You are in denial

A mixture of undealt trauma

And through that trama

Morals were born

Lines were set

Sides were chosen

Others were wrong

While you were right

You set up your own morals so they would fit who you are

Or even worse

You inherited your morals from others without thinking them through

There's nothing wrong with inheriting good morals from good people

Don't get me wrong there

But think


Double check

Know why you believe what you believe

Know why you take a stand on certain things

Reflect on good and evil

And remember

You already set up the rules for what those are,

making sure you were on the side of good

You’ve already distorted the lens

You’ve already set up the moral rules

But the problem becomes

You move those goalpost

Making sure your kick always goes down the middle

Making sure you are always on the good

The christian really nailed this one

And you do this all the time too

But in order to live with the mistakes you make

You just have to ask for forgiveness

That seems like a free-pass to me

A ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card

Just ask forgiveness? And poof

All is forgiven

And you can continue telling yourself stories where you are the good guy

Where you are the hero

You can keep moving those goalpost

You can keep distorting the lens

And go on

Believing whatever story you have to tell yourself

However you have to rationalize it

To make sure







The lies we tell ourselves are so subtle to us but so obvious to others

And how quick we are to judge the obvious.


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