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Back To Alchemy?

Alchemy got it right.

The distorted lens that I ramble on about,

our own perspectives,

our interaction with the physical world,

Alchemy tries to solve these problems.

They turned lead into gold,

the metaphor for transforming the self,

rising up to our highest potential,

while being at peace,

and being one with the spirit and the body.

I think,

doing that,

working on the self,

combining the spirit with science-

the yin yang,

the integration of the shadow,

the red queen and the white king,

the power behind words,

and honesty,

and genuine feelings,

the power of the self,

the intuition we have,

the part of you that wants to believe in you,

the jedi

the monk

the shaman,

these are the keys to good science.

Reality isn’t objective,

it is combined with the observer,

and the observer,

he/she is the spirit,

he/she is flawed,

he/she believe in things,

and that belief structure maps reality into existence for them.

The observer is either the problem,

or what makes the mystic real.

(Their belief makes it real to them anyways.)

Do science.

Do the math.

Be as objective as it allows,

but you can’t take consciousness out of reality

and just measure the supposed objective,

because the people doing the measuring,

they’re flawed,

they’re mystical,

they’re distorted,

they have their ideologies,

they have their lust for fame and success,

they are not the tools to do the measuring,

they have an idea

and want it to be right.

The observer is the variable that distorts the lens to do objective reasoning through.

Think of it like this,

Galileo got it wrong.

The structure of all the science we’ve built,

we built them to fit into the world a few wanted;

a world a few foresaw.

They set the rules to the game,

and then,

we went and made that world,

with those tools that the few helped us obtain,

within the rules they set for it.

That’s physics.

Science is supposed to help us understand reality,

but if we don’t fix the lens,

if we don’t make it as clear as possible,

if we don’t work on ourselves,

if we don’t take the time to understand our spirit and our psyche,

the variables are too many,

and the observer distorts the reality.

Alchemy helps the observer.

It takes the experience of consciousness seriously.

It does not take it out of science, like Galieo did.

It combines it with science.

It enhances the lens.

Electrons behave differently when observed.

People behave differently when observed.

Animals behave differently when observed.

We know this.

Consciousness in plants is an idea science is currently flirting with.

Maybe water is conscious?

Maybe insects are too?

Everything this world is made up of might be conscious in some way.

Maybe they just have a lower level of consciousness?

They have different senses then us,

and those senses are what they interpret reality through.

If they experience reality different then us,

with their different senses,

and if they evolved with those senses,

then isn’t safe to assume,

that the consciousness interacting with that reality,

would be very different from our own consciousness?

The belief of God

The belief in Science

The belief in the material

The belief in the mystic,

and the Eastern philosophy

mixed with the Western,

I’m starting to believe that a fluid combination of them is needed.

Combine Panpsychism, Alchemy and Existentialism

and you have my philosophy,


(Or something like that.)

I’ll come up with a better name later.


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