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Marcus Aurelius Vs Machiavelli

What it really comes down to

Is Michavelii


Marcus Arielluas.

Two philosophical opposites.

These two,

They pull us in different directions

And they make good points.


It’s up for us to decide who had it right.



Macus Ariellus.

I can’t help but feel like

The answers lay somewhere between the two men.

But what is really complexing

Is how Marcus did it?

It would be easy to be Machiavelli.


It’d probably be a lot more fun to be him,

But it’d be much more meaningful to be Marcus Ariellus.

But I am not either.

I am me.

And I lay somewhere in between the two men.

Somewhere between Nietzsche and Deskoyeski.

Somewhere between good and evil

These morals,

They fuck with the mind.

So many philosophers

So much to choose from

It’s overwhelming really.

The more I learn

The angrier I get.

The more perplexed I get.

I’m getting in arguments on the internet with strangers I don't know

About things I don’t really understand.

So pointless.

Marcus would never.


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