Updated: Mar 30

I spent the first seven years of my twenties working with kids,

and the last three years

working with the elderly.

I’ve seen both sides of life;

and what have I learned from these experiences?


nothing really.

The kids are so full of potential,

while the elderly are paying the price for that potential.

Some chased their dreams,

some didn’t.

Some of them abused their bodies in their youth

and now

they suffer for it;

they thought that if they worked hard enough

that they would make their dreams come true.

But they didn’t,

their dreams never came true;

Their bodies brokedown in the attempt,

and now,

they have their chronic pain

to constantly remind them

that they sacrificed everything

for a dream that never came true.

I already know the trauma I’ve put my body through,

and every day I go to work,

I am reminded

about what the future has in store for me.

And to be honest,

it is heartbreaking.


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