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Belief Might Be The Magic Beans

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

I believe in the most magical mysteries of the universe; or I want to. I really do think that believing in it, might be what makes it real. It is somehow, in that power of belief, where the magic is. We construct our own realities in some sense. In some small way maybe. But its there. A bit of control. A bit of magic in us. It's out there and it's in us. Something. Maybe hidden in some. We have to believe in ourselves. We have to be open to those magical mysteries. We can be an antennae for so many things; a magnet. We attract things. And our beliefs are the radio waves that we send out. We send a signal to something, And something answers back. Maybe it's all the religions, throughout time, that are trying to interpret this?Is there a magical quality to existence? This is the question that I’ve been reflecting on for several months. A good philosopher would probably reflect on this question for years, maybe decades. I didn't have time for all that. This is probably a question that mankind has flirted with since the beginning. It won’t be answered by me unless it's for me. I can’t act like I know the answers for everyone. But maybe I can answer the questions for myself. It could be the fault of man, to believe that their beliefs are the true ones. That they hold the key to opening up the door of the mystical and the magical. Or maybe it's different for everyone. And everyone's beliefs are real to and for them. Their belief makes it real. Belief is where the magic happens. Belief is the magic beans. And we are all Jack. Minus the eggs and giants. I really wanted to believe this was true...

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