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While Children Starve?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

A civil war in Canada?

I thought they were the kind ones,

with good healthcare?

A civil war in America?

Maybe a devorce would be better…

Something has to change,

A war in Ukraine??

Against Russia??

Oy Vey,

for what?



Chaos in Europe??

Mr. Putin,

what’re you planning?

A war in India?


Let me guess,




that can’t be good.

A civil war in Australia?



a revolution…

What’s going on in the Middle East??


the shit show we left there…

The Cartel has been running Mexico for a long time now.

A revolution in North Korea??


Pretty please!

With sugar on top

and hold the nuclear explosions.

All this,

while the climate changes,

while we are in a pandemic,

while children starve.

It doesn't feel right,

does it?


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