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What Good Is A Confession If You Don't Tell Anyone?

This is a confession

That I will not share with anyone else

Except for you who read it

There’s a fighter at my gym

He’s not bad


He’s a pretty swell guy in my book

I have respect for him

And my respect is always earned


Before I knew him,

I knew a woman from Thailand.

She was my good friends roommate,

And one summer day

We all got really drunk

And her and I


We ended up fucking

I will not go into any more details about that night

But then

A few weeks later

It happened again

I will not share the details about that night either

Like I said,

He has earned my respect

And she

She is a very nice lady

Who also ‘earned’ my respect.

But now,

In the present,

She is his wife.

I slept with his wife…

And on a regular bases

We try to punch each other in the face

I do not know if he knows

If he did know

Something tells me

He’d have a look in his eye

And a change in his body language

That I would notice

I have a feeling

He’d really come after me…

So I don’t think he knows

But then again,

We did just have a 4th of July dinner

The whole gym

And he was there

With her

And I was there

And she couldn’t look me in the eyes

And I couldn’t look at him in the eyes

I don’t think she knew that he and I trained together until that moment…

So maybe now,

he knows…

And I feel guilty about it.


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