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The Week-long Cowboy

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Sometimes I think It would be fun to be a cowboy.

To ride around on a horse named Jefferson

and wear tight pants and boots.

I’d like to rope a steer,

get all the beautiful women,

and to be a hard man.

The cowboy type of hard.

Not the street type.

The streets are for men much more brave and reckless than me.

But I could wear a big hat and say,


I could tip my hat at the beautiful women

and wink at them.

You don’t fuck with a cowboy,

Everyone knows this.

I’d like to not be fucked with


still loved by women.

Then I remembered that cowboys were just men too,

and they had to be exhausted from waking up early as hell every morning.

And maybe the reason they looked hard,

was because of all the shit they had to shovel.

Maybe I’d do it for a week.


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