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The price of knowledge

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Adam and Eve lived in paradise

A perfect world

They had everything they needed

Everything except for knowledge

They choose the fruit of knowledge over paradise

And thank fucking god they did.

Next came Cain

and his brother

Cain showed us what human nature could become

There was a flood killing almost everyone

Noah, his ark and the animals

Because we had become corrupt


Aren't we all sinners?

God told Abraham to kill his son

As a test of faith

What a fun test

David started off pretty neat

He landed a solid shot on Goliath

Then he traded the foreskin of 100 men for his wife


he committed adultery

And killed his lovers husband

His son’s plotted to overthrow him

They don’t talk about that part in Sunday school

Micheal the Archangel and the Devil

They had beef over the body of Dead Moses

Peter was crucified by Nero

God had a bet with the Devil

About Job

A nice fella

Full of faith

The Devil fucked him

Fucked him hard

The man’s whole life was destroyed

He stayed true to god

But he lost his family

His job

His health

But hey

Atleast god won his bet

Take that Satan

Elijah killed a bunch of kids

Because they called him bald

He asked God to kill them for him

And God sent bears

Those bears fucked up those kids

Baldy got his revenge

And God won again

Remember the shit Moses’s Egypt went through?

The plagues?

The Locust?

The bloody rivers?

The first born kids being killed?

The blood on the doors to prevent the killings?

Just another Monday for God


Well he was drugged

And then

He was rapped

By his own daughters


God had a son

A real one


He was betrayed by friends

Forced to wear a crown of thorns

And nailed to a cross

We all know this story though

We have holidays about it

And let's not forget about the ending. Everything up in flames.

Hell brought to earth

Buddha also left his paradise in the search of knowledge

It makes you think

What was in that God Damn fruit that Adam and his girl ate?

What was the price of knowledge?

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