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The Comet

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

At first you thought she was a shooting star,

But then you realized shooting stars are way too common.

She’s a comet.

Experienced for a brief moment.

Completely consumed by her beauty.

Entranced by the rarity of your encounter with her.

You are in a dream.

A beautiful and happy dream.

Your past becomes a blur, the present is perfect and the future looks promising.

Even so, you still take your time with her for granted.

You think she will be with you always.

But you know, she never belonged to you.

And then she’s gone.

Just as mysteriously as she appeared, she disappears.

The trail she leaves stays with you forever.

You’ve learned that nothing good last,

She passed by so quickly.

You had hoped you would have more time with her,

But like everything that burns bright, it has to fade away.

You feel her fading.

Why would a comet stop to look at you?

She changes you.

Leaves you better off and far worse than you’ve ever been.

She believed in you even when you doubted yourself.

She gave you strength.

But now she’s gone.

And you are here.



Back where you were when you first looked to the stars and saw her.

The stars have lost their magic.

They don’t shine as bright as they used too.

The darkness behind the stars grows darker and deeper.

You search for more light.

There is none.

There is just the light and darkness that has always been there.

The darkness grows on you.

There is comfort in the vast nothingness of the space.

The place that used to scare you, has now become home.

The loneliness.

The pain.

It’s familiar now.

Life feels better numb than overwhelmed with your feelings.

You swear you feel more emotions than everyone else

But you find out, that's exactly how everyone else feels too.

And then, when all hope seems lost, you look up again.

You see it.

Another one.

Another comet.

This one is the same but also completely different.

The night sky brightens.

You smile.


You see the light of the stars again.

Music makes sense again.

You can feel again.

And for a moment, it seems like things will get better.

But you’ve learned that nothing lasts forever.

And life keeps going on until it doesn't.

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