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That Savage Beast, Mankind



Fee fi fo fum

The illusions

The delusions

The jifity jam, man

This life

This kite

It’s in the wind

The mind

The man

The person within

The games we play

Just to pretend

The end

The end

The end within

The sin

The sin

From the man within

The visions

The missions

We dream so sweetly

The life doesn’t lay so neatly

It’s hard to predict

The plans, man

They hardly ever go as planned, man

It's a maze

It’s a zoo

It’s me

It’s you

This wind

It’s within

Mixed in

With the sin

And the shadow

That man within

You do not know

What you don’t know

So many ways

This wave could go

The soul is in the soil

And as the blood boils

And the snake is uncoiled

The fool is fooled

And the man is a tool

The big hand ticks

The present moment

Becomes history


The propaganda

The lies

The eyes

Who knows the truth

Surely not you

Surely not I

We are just alive

Thrown into time

Turned it into a line

In our minds

To make sense

Of the kings and queens of crime

That savage beast,



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