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We ate and drank way too much.

The aunt’s sang off key

And we laughed with each other.

We shared stories.

Shared memories.

We played games.

We gave advice.

Gave our opinions about the world.

We watched and smiled at the kids.

We played peek-a-boo with the babies.

Happy in the moment.


In the morning,

Our bellies ached.

Our heads hurt.

And our pants fit tighter than normal.

We looked for relief from the discomfort of drinking and eating too much.

We sit down and drink a cup of coffee and wait.

Nothing happens.

We drink another cup of coffee


We wait







we can slowly feel it building inside of us.

but we keep waiting.

Until finally,

it would be time.

Time to go sit on our porcelain thrones

and shit out the holiday.

God bless America.


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