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Soul Shoes

The shoes told me to go


I said no

This is my home


They told me

To move

To lace em up

And head out

My shoes


“You cannot stay the same. That is impossible. Let’s get going, Chester.”


I took a hit from my bong

And went to bed

But the words from my shoes

Formed on the ceiling above my head

“You cannot stay the same. That is impossible. Let’s get going, Chester.”

I closed my eyes shut

And tried to calm down

But my shoes

Kept going

“Get up while you have life. Move while you can walk. I’ll take you to new places, with new people to meet. If you stay here, and do nothing, then you are becoming nothing.”

“When did shoes have souls?”

“. . . is that supposed to be a pun? Real funny, smartass. Don’t listen to your soul, and see what happens to you, Chester.”

I sat up for a second,

Put my head in my hands,

And tried to muster up the energy to stand-up.

“That’s it. Let’s get going. You’ve wasted so much time already.”

I stood up,

Laced up my shoes,

And headed out into the night.

A crow

Circled above my head

As I counted the stars in the sky

And moved my feet forward.


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