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Poker In The Metaverse

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

There is this theory about the future

That we will become blended with technology




Chips in our arms that can diagnose problems before you even feel them

Virtual worlds so grand

That they might be better than reality

Artificial Intelligence


We were building towards a whole new world

Some people call it

The Metaverse

It was coming

And there was no way to prevent it

It was inevitable

Technology wasn't going to go backwards

It only goes forward

Exponentially forward

Most of the Metaverse is already here

Digital worlds

Our screen time

It was all adding up

Affecting our psychology


Taking over our lives

A lot of people cringe at the term


Its strange

They don’t realize it's already here

Netflix makes choices for us

An algorithm recommends

And we obey

Youtube does it





They all do

Feeding us

Assisting us in making our choices

What we will fill our brains with

Our free will

Maybe we didn’t have it anymore

Free will

But maybe we never did

Our phones tell us how many steps we’ve taken

Watches tell us how we’ve slept

We have these new rings

They can detect your blood volume pulse

Your temp

And your activity level

All with advanced sensors

It can store your data for 6 weeks

We will be able to provide doctors with solid data

Our lifespan will push one hundred years

We can easily track each other with our phones

I wonder

what else is out there

That the Chinese

That us Americans

That the Russians

And the Idians

What do their governments have?

What do they have that we have no idea about?

Five friends were sitting around a poker table

In a virtual reality

Their five bizarre avatars

In a big dark room filled with smoke

One green alien with one giant eye and a sideways visor and yellow sunglasses sat on his nose, not covering his giant eye at all.

One human man in a hawaiian shirt and bright red hair

He had a cigar in his mouth and his biceps were huge

A curvy blonde lady with perfect tits and a tight low cut black dress

An Octopus with one card in six tentacles

And his two other tentacles held two different drinks

He also had on sunglasses

And young Nuruto Uzumaki with a joint dangling between his lips

They were gambling with cryptocurrency

But it digitally looked like real money

They laughed

And drank

And gambled

All having a great time

The octopus had most of the money

He sipped both his drinks simultaneously from two long straws

The blonde was flirting with the alien

The others could feel the sexual tension in the smoke filled room

It was a great night for the five friends


In reality

The ‘real’ world

They were all sitting in their rooms

In their shitty apartments

Wearing virtual reality goggles

Their weekly Friday night poker game.

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