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Just some words

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Through the darkness and into the light.

We must continue to live.

We must continue to fight.

It was never going to be easy,

that much I know

For the tragedies we must face,

That is where we grow.

Only because of the darkness

Can we see the light

Only because we have to,

We continue to fight.

We cannot look away from our fears

But look directly back.

And with the depths of your soul,

find a way to attack.

We must willingly dive into the darkness,

if we wish for more light.

For the fights that we fight,

Are hardly ever fought in the light.

We must look at ourselves first,

Before anyone else.

And we must search for the worst,

For the darkness that is in you,

is also,

in everyone else.

This is our curse

and this is our cure,

for inside of us

their lay the keys;

To our worst nightmares,

And everything we could be.

We see what we could become.

We see what we hate.

We see everything and nothing

And there is no escape.

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