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He's Not Dead Yet

Here he lays

A man

A friend

A brother

and a lover

Here he lays

He’s not dead yet

He’s just laying down

A man who doesn’t have much to lose

He’s dangerous



and usually

under the influence

Here he lays

staring up at the ceiling

trapped in his mind

His thoughts are like quicksand

The more he rages against them

The faster he gets pulled under the earth

Here he lays

The man who couldn’t love

The man who was almost someone

The man who could have chased his dreams

but chased them halfway

Here he lays

The man that points out everyone else’s mistakes

That’s why

They hate him

So he lays


Trapped in quicksand

Staring up at the wall

Stoned and drunk

He might as well

Be dead

But instead

He just

Lays there

Taking up the oxygen

He should probably plant a tree

For all the clean air he’s wasted filling his lungs

Just to live a life

That means nothing to anyone but him.

If only he stopped trying to fix everything and everyone

Then he might not be alone


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