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Going Crazy

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

How many days can you repeat until you go crazy?

Time goes on and we go with it.

Whether we want it to or not.

How many times can I be asked to enjoy the same thing?

How often do we put on a fake smile and fake voice in order to tolerate a conversation we cannot stand with a person we loath?

What does it take to go crazy?

Does it take making the same shitty commute to work while navigating the same shitty traffic?

Why is it that everyone is an agressive ass hole in traffic?

Don’t they know our lives are on the line?

And so are theirs?

Is that the reason why traffic sucks?

One wrong turn of the wheel and we die?

How many times do I have to be asked to do this and stay sane?

How many times do I have to love a woman just to be left dying on the inside?

How many parties with the same people must i go to?

We have the same conversations over and over and over again.

And time goes on.

We age.

Without being alive anymore.

We are walking and talking zombies.

Our phones killed the decency we used to have with each other.

Our attention no longer goes to our fellow man in front of us.

It goes to the screen in our hand.

How many people look you in the eyes?

How many look at screens?

We used to read books.

Now we read tweets and memes.

You can never predict how culture will change with the times.

But what is this culture?

Can anyone make sense of it?

Are we blinded to it because we are in it?

It’s like the air we breath?

We know its there but we cannot see it.

This culture is a poison gas that we cannot see.

It is slowly killing us.

We willingly let it.

I’d rather pick the poison that will slowly kill me.

At Least we used to have that freedom.

What do we have now?

Just our egos and insecurities.

This culture exposes our worst aspects of our nature to us

but we refuse to see it.

Most of what affects our behavior,

we don’t get to see.

It's there though.

Rooted deep in us and brought out in every interaction we have with each other.

We are the biggest advocate for the culture we are in, whether we want to be or not.

And this culture is atleast a little insane

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