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Fighting Fate

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

God asked the man,

‘Why do you belong here?’

The man said,

‘I don’t. I have much more to do down there.'

He nodded below his feet.

‘I still have to fall in love. I still have to become a world champion.

I still have to write. I’m not done yet. In this life or the next.

I’ll make it happen.’

‘But you’re dead.’

‘Nietzsche said that you were dead, but yet, here you are.’

‘Yeah, well that guy isn’t up here…

But you died, just like you were supposed to–in a car accident.’

‘Pass. Listen, I’m headed back down there. Do I just jump down?’

‘There is no going back child, your time on earth is over. And you’ve made it to heaven, you should be proud. Your fate was decided before you were born, and now, you and I are having our reunion. I’m so proud of you–

‘-I’m going to jump down from over there. Think that’ll get me close to America?’

‘You cannot jump. Come and embrace your father. You are so loved up here, my child, there is no need to go back there.’

‘I don’t like fate, sir. I’ll rage against it just to move it an inch in another direction.’

‘But fate will not move for you, not even an inch.’

‘Okay, a millimeter then. So long!' He saluted God, as he jumped back down to earth.


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