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An Ode To Poe

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Truth is an illusion.

No one really knows.

They just assume



If we don’t know the truth about reality,

then what’s the point of living a truthful life?

The darkness,

it’s a breath away.

It creeps up on you.

It knocks on your door,

begging to be let in.

It will tap at your window,

like a pesky raven.

If you crack the window,

he will make home in your soul.

He will tap at your brain.

You’ll hear him screaming at you,

when you get cut off in traffic.

You’ll feel the pecking,

when your boss exploits you.

You’ll feel his talons squeezing what's left of your brain,

when your friend sleeps with your ex.

If you let in the raven,

he’ll steal your gems

and make a nest where your heart used to be.

You’ll feel him flying around in your stomach,

when she leaves you.

If you let in the raven,

he will your gnaw on your insides

whenever you doubt yourself.

If you let in the raven,

he will poke at your eyes

whenever you ignore your problems.

You can try to drown him with booze,


booze is his drink of choice.

and he’ll get drunk along with you.

If you let in the raven,

he’ll repeat every negative thought you have







If you let in the raven,

He’ll feast on your bones

and wash it down with the blood in your veins,

when your dog dies.

Let him tap.

Leave him out in the cold winter night.

Let him freeze to death.

And everytime he comes back,

leave him outside your window to starve to death.

He’ll be there,


Flying above your head,


just waiting for you to die.

So don’t die

and don’t let him in.

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