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A Pale Blue Poisonous Dot

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

It was a spinning rock floating in the vast infiniteness of space

It was our rock

A rock covered with water and trees

And covered with people too

The people cut down the trees

The people poisoned the oceans

The kids were taught that they were responsible for the destruction of our rock

They had nightmares about it

They had depression and anxiety about it

What a horrible thing to do to children

The rock had fucked up kids on it

The rock had fucked up adults on it

And the rock

It was fucked up too

How much time it had?

Who really knows

It was probably exaggerated

Definitely was

So many lies were told on this rock

Too many

No one knew what the truth was

All we knew was that we were here


And we had to make a life for ourselves here

Even if it was dying

Even if they people were fucked up

We had to find meaning

We tried too

Some didn’t

They didn’t last long

What's the meaning when they tell you that you are responsible for the death of our planet?

They tell kids they are born racist

That they are guilty for the crimes of their grandparents.

How does a kid recover from that?

How do they find their meaning?

Why are you here on this planet?

What can you do here?

What can you do to make it better?

It’s better to have a dream than a nightmare,

Isn’t it?

Certainly better for the kids

We were poisoning the pale blue floating rock

And simultaneously

We were poisoning the minds of the kids

Our grandparents couldn’t be blamed

No one could

They thought we wouldn’t survive the creation of the atom bomb

I don't blame them

They didn’t think we would survive the creation of the hydrogen bomb

I don’t blame them

They didn’t think we would survive the creation of the nuclear bomb

I don't blame them

They didn’t think we would survive.

It’s no wonder they didn’t care about the poisoning of the oceans

It's no wonder they didn’t care about the trees getting chopped down

Their visions of the future was a fiery death

And it’s a miracle it didn’t end that way.

But now,

Its our rock.

Not theirs anymore.

Only ours for a brief moment though

What will we do with it?

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