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Updated: Nov 15, 2021


So much weed

Right in front of me



Trimming it


Drinking wine

And beer

At home

On a Thursday night

Three friends

Three roommates

Two dogs

Music was playing

Brief moments of conversation

I had played an audio book by Bukowski earlier

They didn’t like it

My new dog Stanley laying down next to me

As I drank

And smoked




Anything to cure the boredom

The dullness

The darkness

Anything to fill the pain

Anything to be creative

Anything to be able to write

Weed was my go to

Weed and my imagination

Like pb&j

The weed we were trimming




Yellow leaves

Bright green buds

Purple leaves

So sticky



Soon to be in our lungs

we talk

And attempt to think

I hardly feel it anymore

The weed

Being high

It had become my normal state

My tolerance was too high these days

And the alcohol

Drinking it daily was new

But it paired perfectly with the weed.

It paired perfectly with the mind

With the pain

With the times

With the pandemic

With the fucking politicians

With the craziness

We were all just trying to make it through this

We wanted to go back

Back to normal

Why would we be sober?

Why would I be sober?

I took another hit

The smoke hit my lungs

Then the high hit my head

Then a hit from my vape pen

A sip from the wine

We talk about music

We talk about the work it took to grow the weed we were trimming

We talk about our parents

We share artist

And stories


We make the boring

And the mundane task

Of trimming


That was life wasn’t it?

Making the boring and mundane enjoyable

With the people we wanted to be with

Smoking whatever we wanted

Drinking whatever we wanted

Tomorrow morning I’d go to work

Put on a mask

And pretend like I didn’t fucking hate to wear it.

But tonight

tonight was alright.

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