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Zoom Out


if a whole country

declared that they had the best system of government in the world.

And imagine

if those same people

also declared

that they had the one true religion in the world.

Not only are they smarter than everyone else,

but they also are in the favor of the one omnipotent being in the universe.

They declared themselves moral in the name of Jesus.

And justified foriegn wars

in the name of democracy.

Imagine thinking that all the other countries,

and their silly governments,

were wrong.

And imagine they pumped out their chest

And built an insane amount of bombs

And invested an insane amount of money

into their military

but pointed the finger to the rest of the world

and told us

to be more like them


They would have to be so arrogant

to think they are so much superior to everyone else


Look around

Watch people

Feel your bones

Touch the dirt

Let it run between your fingers

Don’t you see the blood?

Here is some advice from one american to another,

zoom out.


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