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Your Play

It is just a daydream.

It is just a vision.

It’s just the life

You wish you were living.

It’s just a mission

A course

A compass

A direction

To head towards,

And what lays ahead

Is a storm.

It’s just the future

And the present

And the past

All wrapped up in a bow

Sitting in the audience

Watching your show

Trying to figure out

Which way

You will go.

It is just a longing

For something more

Not for any superficial reasons

But because you know

You have so much in you

To show.

The world is your stage

It’s yours

It wants you to shine

It’s been waiting a long time

For you

To be


So do it

Whatever you dream of

Because so many of us

Are rooting for you.

The universe and I

And many more

Might just

Want you to live the life you dream about.

So don’t count us out.

We are here

In your corner



Show us what you got, kid

It is your stage

We have all come to watch

Your play.


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