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You Can't Know What You Don't Know

Nietzsche and Freud came along

And told everyone that there is a side to themselves that they don’t know


Because of their teachings

Everyone thinks they know what they don’t know

They think that if they’re aware

And mindful of their behavior

And using the philosophies from these two men

(and many others that built upon their ideas)

They can diagnose themselves

They think they can know the unknown

But it’s just not that easy

A personality test

An astrological sign

A few books

And a few attempts to be ‘mindful of their behavior’

And ‘aware of their trauma’s’

And poof,

They think they’ve got themselves all figured out.

This is probably when a new ‘ego’ is born

An even more delusional, and hidden deeper ego.

You cannot know the unknown

There will always be a side to ourselves that we don’t know

A stranger living in us

And who’s to say which one is the real you?

Certainly not you.

You and the delusion are one being. You cannot pull your eyes out and view yourself.

You cannot go to therapy for a few months

and think you have you all figured out.

It’ll take your whole life to figure you out

And even then,

So much mystery will remain.


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