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Worth It

I was in the left lane

Going about 75 mph

When an idea crept up in the ol brain

‘What if I wrote while driving?’

So I did

I grabbed my phone

And wrote this poem


I didn’t get very far

Before the truck in front of me

Slammed on his brakes

I knew this might happen

But something about writing

While a potential fatal accident

Was inches away

It enticed me

Creativity comes from weird places

And in this instance

It came from flirting with death

It was fun for me while it lasted


I didn’t see the truck hit his brakes

I didn’t even look up from my phone

I was too engaged in the creative process

And I went head first through my windshield

Landing in the bed of the truck

A perfect landing

I was on my back

Looking up at the sky

There was a cloud in the shape of a heart

But the rest of the sky was bright blue

I smiled

But then the sky turned red

And I had to squeeze my eyes shut

My blood was in them

I tasted it in my mouth

And spat it out

My arm was backwards

My head was open

My leg was broke

And my ribs were definitely busted up

Every breath was excruciating

Then I remembered this poem

I wiped the blood from eyes

And looked for my phone

But as I was reaching up to wipe my eyes

I realized my phone was still clutched in my hand

I hadn’t let go of it

I smiled to myself again

And brought the phone to my eyes

Most of my fingers were broken

And blood kept flowing

But still

I kept writing

I finished this poem

Another thought crept up

‘I wonder how many artists died with something they were working on


Those suckers.’

I finished it

And left my trademark



With the last of my strength

I posted it to my shitty blog

Then I looked up to the sky again

And brought my phone to my chest

Right above my heart

With a smile on my face

I closed my eyes

And faded away…

My last thought before dying was

‘Worth it.’


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