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What They Should Say

It’s nice to know that

No one reads this shit

It gives me

Complete freedom

To say whatever the fuck I want to

Without an agent

Or a publisher

Or an audience

I am free

No one will come for me

If I write something wild

Or something anti-government

Or something vulgar as hell

I can be honest

And tell

My truths

Even if they are lies

With no eyes

On me

I can fly


With nothing to do

I’d probably die

And if I was given more time

I’d probably use it to get high

They say that words are magic

They say we have to steer our thoughts

They say the past will haunt us

They say that we have free-will

They say that time is fundamental

They say that art never truly dies

They tell us

So many


We don’t know much

And I sure as shit don’t know how to

Shut the fuck up

I have a tough time

Letting my dreams die

All I know

Is that I have to try

The only way to be living

In this fucked up world

Is to be unconditionally


Forgive yourself

And then forgive everyone else.

That’s what they should say . . .

CH 12/28/23

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