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Western Societies Super Ego

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

People are not puzzles to be solved


Our trauma’s are not meant to be interpreted by anyone who knows them

For all of our psychology

And all of our philosophy

Where has it led us?

We have a hive mind

With a micro understanding

About the ideas and questions

That have molded today’s thinking

We all know the stories

We’ve heard the myths

We’ve ‘learned the lessons’

And with it

The ego of the hive mind has grown

The hubris has exploded

The death of the ego

Usually leads to the creation of a worse super ego

That might be Jung who said that

But don’t quote me

I’m just a poet

A nobody

An artist

Not a contributor

To constructive thinking

I’m more into illuminating destructive thinking

And with each new era of philosophy and psychology

We shed our ego

Thinking we’ve finally understood something

But really

Nothing kid


The same questions remain

And new ones emerge

And a worse superego of society

Is born into this world

Another contributor

And on and on and on

Let Plato navigate through the maze of this 21sr century technological boom

And the great rise of the internet

And the universe of the computer chip

Plato’s questions remain

And all the questions that every philosopher has ever risen


And yet

A million ways to rationalize anything we choose

And justify it

In the name of some philosophy, science, or religion

We think we are smarter than ever before


the delusional hive mind thinks so

How many current thinkers are taking the questions of the future seriously?


Not enough

I scoff at the world

From my tower of genius

Peering through a broken lens

Onto the fabrics of reality

And I dance kid

I dance

To the notes of madness or genius, sir?


We’ll see

Won't we?


The problem with solving puzzles

Is that

We think we solved something

And the ego of the hive grows and grows

Maybe we are smart

But compared to whom?

Our ghost in the past?

How silly

We see progress

And we see time

as linear

But nah

Just thrown into a new game


Into an absurd song

And told to dance

And we scramble for answers

But stumble upon questions

With just enough knowledge

To judge others

This has been a really round about way to try to say

That what history provides us with is an infinite way to rationalize any mode of being

A giant collection of all the thinkers

And all their work

A way to rationalize anything

In everyone's pocket

An answer to every question

Creates no real answers

It’s a loop of confirmation biases

A mass delusion

The dependence on a technology most don’t understand

To answer all questions

And prove all points

A trap

A loop

A delusion

A superego

A united arrogance

A hive of ignorance

We know so little

When depending on the internet for the answers.


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