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Water The Soul

From dirt we grew

And back into dirt we’ll go

Breath through our nostrils

for a forever fleeting moment

And then

Dirt again

It makes me think twice about the dirt under my shoe

That could me

That could be you

It’s turbulence in the belly

Because you know it’s true

Where the soul goes

Who knows

But the body

It’ll dissolve back into earth

It’s our destiny from birth

I suppose it doesn’t matter

What happens to our matter

If our soul floats on

But still

The idea of decay

It makes me ill

It’s a constant reminder not to sit sill

Feed the soul with the time you have above ground

For there is no 16th round in this ring

And if you feed the soul with your time

Water it to grow

Imagine where it’ll go

When it separates from it’s temporary home


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