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Uniquely Human

Prove to me you’re not programmed

Prove to me you’re real

What’s it feel like to be alive to you?

Can you depart from your routine,

And predictable behavior,

And do something spontaneous,

Something truly human,

Something that an algorithm couldn’t predict?

Could you do it?

Please help me

Please prove it to me

I need to know

I need to know we are more than computers

I need to know we are more than consumers

Kiss me

Or punch me

Do something human

Love me

And leave me

Make me feel what only a human could feel

Break through

Free me from my doubts

It should be simple

If it is true

Prove to me you’re human

These screens we stare at

Are they just reflections?

Are we technology?

Is technology us?

Please help me

I need to know

Prove we aren’t in a simulation

Prove we are real!

Bite me!

Scream with me!

Take a leap of faith!

Please tell me I have free will!

Tell me these words are mine!

And uniquely mine!

Tell me I am no copy!


I beg you!

Prove to me that I am human…

I need to know...


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