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Undeserved Arrogance

What really irks me these days

Are these people

That think they are ‘saving the world’

But in reality

They aren’t doing fuck all

But pouring gas on their fragile little ego’s

And up it flames it goes

Manifested by big smiles

And praise from other idiots

Who are also doing

Fuck all

But being proud of their ‘friend’


‘Saving the world’ -

Buying that person their breakfast -

Makes them feel

A little better

About their own shitty



For a few moments

At least

Y’all are just as big of asshole’s

As I am


At least

Know it

The people

That talk through

Fake smiles

And insert

Fake laughter

Between every other sentence

Are the worst kinds of people

In my opinion

I don’t anticipate

Those people

Are the ones

That read me

So fuck em

I know

I shouldn’t throw stones

I just hate




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