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Touch The Sky For Me

Updated: Mar 31

The crescent moon tells me a tale

About a planet

    Full of living things

That waged war with each other for thousands of years

   And they took this planet that they called Earth

And harvested everything they could from her

   So they could build towers 

To try to reach the sky

    And the crescent moon told me

That the sunlight gets reflected off of the earth

   And hits her

The dark side that we can’t see is that reflection

   And the small crescent part that we can see from down here

Is the part of the moon that light isn’t touching

    We don’t see the parts of the moon that light touches

No, from down here

   We see the parts of the moon that sunlight doesn’t touch 

We see the darkness

  Yes, our moon has a day side and a night side

   Just like we do

And sometimes

   When we are in the darkness

And we can’t see our own light

    We are still providing light for something else

Just like the moon does

  And everytime

   That we think we are spreading light

We are actually creating darkness

   Yes, every time light is created

So are shadows

  So is darkness

And sometimes

   When we think we are advancing society

We are actually destroying the only planet that has perfect conditions for life 

The moon told me all of this

And what did I do about it?

    I just apologized to her for us

And then went back to pushing the wheel 

   That builds those towers

That try to touch the sky


Because it is just what we do down here

     We destroy and we create

We love and we hate

   Until the day that we die

   And what we do with our life

Lingers after we’re gone

   And since my death or birth

Cannot save this Earth 

   I might as well try to touch the sky

While I am still alive

   And if I don’t

Then I guess I’ll have hope

  That someday

    In some way

Someone after me will


CH 3/31/24

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