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Too Many

   Too many plastic people

Screaming words at me

Words like





  And too many self-absorbed people

Screaming words at me like





   Too many people

With lost souls

Working jobs that they hate

Just to make a few bucks

While screaming profanities that echo across the universe 

    Too many people

Wearing too many different disguises

Just to survive

A life full of lies

Blending together

Just to blend in


  Too many people at the top

Screaming at those below them

To work harder

To be grateful

And telling them that one day


If they're lucky

They'll make it up there with them

But only after they've worked they're bones raw


    Too many zombies walking around

Never asking why

Never seeing the world

Never shedding their programming

Brainless consumers

Slaves to the wheel 

Yes . . . Too many of those 

       Too many good people

Turning a blind eye

To all of the lies

They recognize 

Out there.


CH 4/27/24

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