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Time Is Internal

Updated: Sep 20, 2022


Stands still when suffering

But moves too quickly

When we are happy

A smell

Or a song

Or a memory

Can take us back in time

While anticipating the future

Takes us there

And reading

Takes us to the time

The story is set

Future or past

We have little triggers inside of us

That help us travel through time

Maybe not externally


But internally

We travel through time

Or manipulate it


An 8 hour work day

At a job you hate

With a boss who sucks

Feels like forever

While laying in bed

With your lover

In the morning

Passes by

In a blink

Our internal

Is the main variable

With time

After all

Time is just our own invention

To measure something like progress



It always only existed




(An agreed upon delusion)

Yet still

Time lives




Perhaps we are constantly traveling through this delusion.


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