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Thunderstorms In The Chest

It’s so lonely sometimes

To exist

It is thunder in the chest

To be surrounded by billions

But feel



Where is this love story

that everyone else get’s?

Where’s mine?

Where’s my person?

I’ve been looking for you ever since I grasped the concept of true love


You’re not here yet

You’re a phantom

A missing piece

A fantasy

Where are you?

This storm

It needs to end sometime

But the thunder rumbles

And each day without you

It’s razor blades

So many of my passions

Are just ways

I distract myself

From the loneliness


Not writing

When I write

I embrace the ice

With open arms

And turn it into words

But these words

They don’t heal anything

Some of these moments

That pass by

I wish you were here for

I wish I could share them with you

But when I reach out for you

It’s more ice

More thunder

More loneliness

More razor blades.


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