Through The Smoke

Through the smoke

I drive

Always anxious

Never arrived

Through the smoke

I seek

Something to hold onto

Something to believe

Through the smoke

I smoke

Getting high

Because I am dying inside

And I need something

To pass the time

Through the smoke

I joke

It's either that

Or choke

So I keep it light

It’s just smoke

It won’t bite

I gasp for air

But no one

Seems to care

I am a hairless monkey at the zoo

For you

And they all stop and stare

Through the smoke

I take another step

And with my chin up

And my headphones in

I try my best

But most days

It feels like something is missing

Deep in the chest

I would love to love

But cupid can’t see

Through the smoke

And through the smoke

I raise up my beer

And give a toast to the Gods

Everyone of them

That’ll spare the rod

It’s poison with each breath

It’s a maze

And a test

It’s the coming and going

And the flowing the wise do with it

This smoke is in the sky

Blocks out the sun

When I can’t see her

I don’t feel like my day is done

But she’s up there

Gasping for life

To shine her rays on us

And continue to give us life

Through the smoke

I look for her

The one that got away

I probably won’t see her today

But I’ll try again


It’s dark in the day

And most seem okay

With life this way

I guess they don’t have a choice either

It has to be

Through the smoke

For all us

The individual

Mixed with the crowd

Through the smoke

And maybe looking back

Some of us

Can feel proud

Of who we are

And where we have been.


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