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They'll Call It 'Modern'

One foot in and one foot out

That’s how I’ve done things

One foot in and one foot out

Halfway in

Half the effort

Half of a man

Try without trying?

I’ll never understand the eastern philosophy

I should create a philosophy about only trying halfway

My own philosophy on how to live a miserable life

That’d sell

People love being miserable these days

It gives them all the excuses to hate this world

They love to complain

Maybe that’s why they’ve thrown away God

So they can be happily miserable with their halfway lives

No responsibility to be ‘good’

No reason to ‘try’

Every justification to seek their own personal pleasure

The halfway godless philosophy for the miserable sacks of skin


That’d sell

These atheist will eat it up

These post-moderns will jerk-off to it

These politically correct, propaganda spreading, virtue signaling, Karen’s

They’ll love it

They’ll call it ‘modern’

They’ll love anything that shits on God and the ‘old ways’


a new belief system,

that’ll give them freedom to consume anything they want,

complain about anything they want,

be as selfish as they want,

without ever really trying at something,

and still feel like they are on the ‘moral’ side of humanity.

It’s perfect

I’ll be rich

and famous

and they’ll love me until they hate me for making me rich and famous

They’ll praise me

And then,

they’ll rip me apart

like the savage buzzards they are

They love to point out the ‘evil’ in everyone else

Without ever acknowledging their own ‘evil’

It makes them feel ‘moral’

It makes them feel like they are better than everyone else

When they are just

everyone else too

People who hate the way the world is,

they secretly hate themselves too,


they cannot separate themselves from the world

They are apart of it

They are the world

One foot in


One foot out


What a way to live


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