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There Is No Truth In The Crowds, there is only-

There is no truth

in the crowds,





A peer pressure

that squeezes us




And now,

we are all connected

in a hive of minds

stretched out all across our poisoned rock

stuck in the web of webs

If enough of us were delusional,

would we all become delusional?

Would it spread among us,

like a disease?

I see…

Swim with the current


rage against madness

Prove you’re still human,

and not a step

on an infinite staircase

Or else become

the individual lost

in the collective


for the greater good of the crowd

swallowed up

by the madness


by the snake

another lamb


to slaughter

the constant consumer

being consumed

bones and dreams

being crushed under the wheel

Is this your fate?

Or will you join the fight to be human?

There is no truth

in the crowds,





and the web of all webs


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