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The Wallet

My feet took me down a road

I don’t usually go

Back to

Where I found a wallet

That I took the cash out of

And threw it into some bushes

3 weeks ago

A man from across the street waved me down

To pet my dog

He was a landscaper or something

And I could smell

The booze on his breath

He told me

That earlier in the day

He had lost his wallet

I froze

He said he thought he lost it at a gas station

But when he went back to look for it

It was nowhere to be found

He told me he was drunk

And that he would be okay

It was only

A couple hundred dollars

As I was standing

Feet away

From where I had thrown that wallet

3 weeks ago

I told him to have faith

I told him

Someone might find it

And try to return it

I told him

That there are still decent people

And hopefully

One of them

Stumbled upon it

He shook my hand

And graciously thanked me

As I walked away

I noticed how fast my heart was beating

And how much sweat

Was underneath my armpits

My head

Was in a fog

My heart

Was sunk

My soul


I couldn’t fathom the odds of me walking down that street at that time

And meeting that man

In that way

It felt

Like a supernatural experience

I thought

That maybe

God was shaking his fists at me

So I kept walking

And tried to forget



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