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The Suicide Squeeze

Updated: Feb 4



Like a ball player

Trying to steal home


Suicide squeeze

That's what they call it

Yes, sliding like that

Right into

A tragedy

She likes me

And I fuck her

She's a gem

She's got it all

And the sex

Is a romance novel

A real kinky one

She cums more than I do

There was a time

When I thought that wasn't possible

And she likes me

And I

Am stuck

In emotional limbo

My thoughts

Immediately after some of the best sex of my life

Get pulled towards someone else

Someone far away

Who doesn't



Much of a shit

About me

She has someone

That she thinks about after sex

And it ain't me

It ain't me…

I'm just the guy

Who writes poetry

About her

After having sex

With someone else

Stealing home

The Suicide Squeeze



But instead of the catcher

And the umpire at home plate

A stick of dynamite

Is there to meet me

I go for it anyways

I am so close

To stealing home

And finally


All I have to do

Is risk it all…


Fair to me.


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