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The Same Old Story

I have nothing to say tonight,

nothing new to report.

The world has gone batshit crazy,


that’s not really new.

It’s just more obvious now;

painfully obvious.

50,000 thousand truckers gathered at the capitol in Canada yesterday.

The longest convoy of trucks ever recorded.


supporting their protesting truckers,

gathered outside,

in 50 below temperatures

and cheered them on.

I swear a few months ago,

this prime minister guy,

was calling these same truckers

the heroes of the pandemic??

Well he threw them under the bus today.

He said they no longer represent Canada,

or some bullshit like that.

This world,

batshit crazy


nothing new.

Countries are on the verge of war

and maybe,

America will go to war too.

We cannot jump from a pandemic

right into a war!

Are we fucking stupid?

Hasn’t it been enough?

Isn’t this division among us

played out by now??

Enough suffering??



there might be war in the east too.

Two big time players,

slugging it out,

while the poor


the innocent die.

While children starve

While supply chains get wrecked

While truckers gather to protest their government

While Australia holds their people prisoner

While North Korea keeps doing North Korean things

While the shitshow in Afghanistan continues

While The Cartel keeps running mexico

While kids keep overdosing on Fentanyl

We sit back,

watching our T.V. shows and movies,

while scrolling through our phones,





Ask these people,

do they know what’s going on??!

Do they see this world??

How do they keep going on their vacations??

sipping cocktails on a beach,

pretending like they don’t have a sense

that something is horribly



So like I said,

nothing really new to report.

Just the same old story

being told





over again.

What a boring poet I am.

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