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The Riddle

Updated: Apr 3, 2022


God made us

in his image,


we made him

in ours;

and if we made God in our image,

then that would mean that we also

did the exact same thing

to the devil.

We made the devil in our image.

We made him and his kingdom of hell.

Maybe we needed narratives

to understand

The good

The bad

The sun

The stars

The darkness

The light









Everything about being human

and all the questions we had.

We needed characters to represent them;

so we introduced Gods to ourselves,

in the form of stories;

stories we could understand.

Religion might just be the rules that we decided to play by.

But what about the power of belief, Clint??

What about placebo??



we still have belief and objective reality to navigate through here;

thank you for reminding me.

‘Belief is the magic beans’,

that should be my catchphrase for my philosophy.

I have a feeling

that whatever we believe in,

manifest itself as reality to us.

Belief is the key ingredient though.

Our map to interpret reality with

is our beliefs.

(Note here that by my own philosophy about believing in belief, that the act of the believing makes it real to me, so there’s no way I can be wrong. This is a problem… and maybe it’s a religious problem too.)

Life is an individual experience that happens to be shared.

If something is real to the individual,

who are we to question?

Do you have the answers to reality?

Well then why question another's,

let them believe what they want,

and you believe what you want

but the only 'real' experience you'll encounter is your own.

Is this Subjectivism?

Is it postmodern?

God I hope not.

There are some limits here,

let's not get carried away;

but still,

there is a magic to life if lived right.

There is the mystical, I cannot deny this.

There is a balance to things.

There is the unknown and the undiscovered.

There will always be things beyond our understanding,

when trying to make sense of an objective reality.

So did we create God,

(and the Devil)


did God create us??

Well it’s a question worth asking a million times,

so there’s reason

for me to ask it

twice now;


I’ll ask again!

Did God make us in his image,


did we make God,

and the Devil,

in ours?

The power to create a God…

I suppose,

that would make us the Gods…

and also,

the Devils.

What a curious riddle existence is.


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